Insights from MedForce 2018

Jul 19, 2018 10:00:56 AM

TikaMobile participated in MedForce 2018 in Boston, MA. I was Chairperson for day 1 of the conference, kicking off the proceedings with a keynote presentation and then facilitating various discussions. Throughout the conference, the TikaMobile team met with marketing and sales executives from America's leading medical device companies, as well as pharma companies to network, collaborate, and learn from one another's experiences.

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TikaMobile Strengthens its Security and Confidentiality Credentials by Renewing its SOC2 Certification

Jun 5, 2018 1:00:42 PM

New York, NY, JUNE 6, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – TikaMobile, the premier leader in cloud-based business intelligence and CRM software for the global life sciences industry, is proud to announce their SOC2 certification and report release for TikaMobile Online and mobile device platforms. As Tika continues to grow in North America and expand its global footprint throughout Europe, Asia and Australia, they remain focused on ensuring that their technology and platforms meet the highest levels of security and confidentiality.

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TikaMobile Debuts New Analytics for Medical Science Liaisons

May 18, 2018 10:36:52 AM

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TikaMobile Selected by TherapeuticsMD as Business Intelligence Platform Provider

May 15, 2018 5:00:52 PM

TikaMobile, Inc. a cloud-based analytics and CRM technology company for the life sciences industry, today announced that it was selected to be the business intelligence reporting platform for the TherapeuticsMD sales force in preparation for the potential launch of TherapeuticsMD’s TX-004HR drug candidate, if approved.

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TikaMobile Launches TikaMSL, an Innovative Analytics CRM Platform for Medical Science Liaisons Designed to Drive Key Opinion Leader Development

Apr 30, 2018 3:56:17 AM

New York, NY, April 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TikaMobile, Inc., a cloud-based analytics and CRM software company focused on the life sciences industry, today announced the addition of TikaMSL to its suite of business intelligence, CRM and analytics products. Designed specifically for Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), TikaMSL provides timely, critical business intelligence that enables MSLs to form and maintain strong, strategic relationships with influential physicians and other Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

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ZS Pharma selects TikaMobile as their Mobile Intelligence and Analytics Platform

Dec 21, 2016 6:15:50 AM

ZS Pharma selects TikaMobile as their Mobile Intelligence and Analytics Platform

TikaMobile, Inc., a cloud-based mobile and analytics software provider for the life sciences industry, today announced that ZS Pharma, a member of the AstraZeneca Group focused on using its proprietary ion-trap technology to develop new treatments addressing unmet needs in the pharma and medical community, will deploy the TikaPharma solution to help launch their new product ZS-9 as a new therapeutic option for hyperkalemia.  TikaPharma will provide the ZS Pharma sales team with actionable intelligence and analysis at the customer and territory levels accessible via both iPad and web to help them drive revenue.

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NeoTract Selects TikaDevice™ as an End-to-End Mobile CRM Solution for its UroLift® System

Oct 14, 2016 5:40:25 AM

TikaMobile, Inc., a cloud-based mobile and analytics software provider for the life sciences industry, today announced that NeoTract, a developer of innovative, minimally invasive urology devices, will deploy TikaDevice across its sales force.

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TikaMobile: Best-In-Class Mobile Analytics for Sales Reps: Increase Revenues while Reducing IT Cost

Jul 17, 2016 1:14:50 PM

In the constantly evolving pharmaceutical landscape, organizations are facing increasing pressure to ‘do more with less’ due to healthcare reforms and new regulations. With the enterprise drowning in today’s rapidly growing sea of data, CIOs are looking for a solution to integrate data from various sources and empower sales representatives to focus on the most critical customers. “Our product is designed to leverage valuable data assets while reducing the burden of data mining by field repre-sentatives, resulting in better ROI for management,” says Manish Sharma, CEO and Founder of TikaMobile. “We provide sales representatives a way to quickly determine the highest priority customers, when to visit them, and the key messages they need to deliver.”
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New Product Launch in the Medical Device Industry

Jun 29, 2016 10:09:50 AM

TikaMobile solution is particularly well suited for new product launch in Medical Device Industry

It takes about 3 to 5 years for FDA to approve any new device in the medical field. Millions of dollars are invested in the research and resources by medical device organizations before the final launch day of the product arrives. New Product Launch is a major investment for any company. A successful launch can bring revenue as well as great customers for the company. A clear launch goal has to be set to understand the objectives and identify the market for the product. Below are the factors that need to be considered in a new product launch in the Medical Device Industry.

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TikaMobile Receives SOC2 Certification, Demonstrating Commitment to Security and Confidentiality for its Customers

Jun 27, 2016 1:06:10 PM

TikaMobile, a cloud-based mobile and analytics software provider for the life sciences industry, today announced the attainment of SOC2 (Service Organization Controls) certification after an evaluation from independent 3rd party auditor, A-lign, a cybersecurity and compliance firm. As detailed in a SOC2 report prepared by A-lign and released on June 24, 2016, TikaMobile’s SaaS-based sales enablement solution system met the predefined security and confidentiality requirements to receive SOC2 certification.

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