TikaMobile: Precision Tools for Smarter Life Sciences Sales

TikaMobile: Precision Tools for Smarter Life Sciences Sales

August 14, 2018

In the wake of rising consumer demand, the life sciences sector today represents an ever-evolving ecosystem of new, as well as existing pharmaceutical and medical device products that create competitive pressures and leave sales representatives and entire organizations struggling to successfully position and differentiate their offerings. Legacy systems, silos, and processes that many life sciences companies contend with present barriers in the face of fast-paced changes and market trends buffeting the industry. The explosion of data has exacerbated the problem even more.

The application of modern, innovative systems that can integrate strategic planning, advanced customer segmentation, and targeting, as well as pull-through information from various sources–empowering sales organizations to operate smarter and deliver more value to their customers–would be a welcomed boon to the industry. TikaMobile, an information technology specialist headquartered in NYC, has answered this need by reimagining the technology ecosystem of life sciences sales organizations. They have tapped into the vast potential of IT and Big Data to build powerful analytics platforms that can form intuitive action plans for the effective sale and monitoring of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices.

“We are working with innovative sales leaders around the world who are seeking to create an empowered, data-driven decision-making sales organization,” says Manish Sharma, co-founder, and CEO of TikaMobile. “Our collaboration with these change agents, along with our focus on user-centricity, mobile-first design, and insight-led technology, has enabled us to create a new sales model that empowers the life sciences companies of tomorrow.”

The company’s Tika Pharma and Tika Device applications allow reps to access intelligence pertaining to the entire spectrum of physicians, accounts and health systems, to target prospects for specific products and even narrow down the ones most receptive to the message. TikaMobile has also created a realtime segmentation capability based on this profiling, which allows management to provide decision-making power into the hands of the sales teams. TikaMobile has built-in routing capability whereby reps can see which physician to visit in the right time slot.

From the onset, TikaMobile observed the need for a platform that could break down silos and give all users, from commercial teams to marketing to sales to medical affairs, the ability to create real-time insights on the go. For example, Tika’s medical affairs module, TikaMSL, allows medical science liaisons (MSLs) to profile and target KOLs, capture and log interactions, and manage all their medical assets such as clinical studies and medical information request forms produced by physicians or hospitals, all in a digital format. The MLS is able to track physician responses, enabling them to better align themselves with the demographic and to be strategic in their interactions.

“One of our specialties has become enabling companies with innovative therapies to create a brand new market, establish awareness for their products and take them on the journey to making their innovation the standard of care,” says Sharma.

TikaMobile has innovative partners in the pharmaceutical and the medical device space, with presence around the world. As the established tool of choice for a product launch and for sustained, modern-day sales enablement, the company has seen significant growth. In addition, with its focus on value-driven, user-centric design, the company is constantly innovating.

On the horizon for Tika: embedded analytics and enabling integration with AI, Alexa, chatbots among others–creating an even smarter, digitally enabled life sciences sales organization.