Leveraging ChatGPT to drive Medical Affairs’ Impact





In our previous blog post, we introduced the concept of AI's understanding of Medical Affairs and its potential for generating impact. Today, we delve deeper into how Medical Affairs can leverage AI, specifically ChatGPT, to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness for medical objectives. TikaMobile, a leading provider of healthcare solutions, is at the forefront of developing ChatGPT for medical affairs use cases. In this article, we explore the challenges of using ChatGPT in its current state and how TikaMobile is addressing those challenges to empower medical affairs professionals.


Key Concept: Utilizing ChatGPT and Manipulating Relevant Data Sets


The key concept behind leveraging ChatGPT in medical affairs is to harness its functionality and manipulate relevant internal and external data sets to support medical affairs objectives. By incorporating expert knowledge, clinical data, research papers, treatment guidelines, and real-world evidence specific to therapeutic areas of interest, ChatGPT can provide tailored information and insights to the medical affairs team.


Challenges of Using ChatGPT for Medical Affairs


  1. Hallucination: One of the primary challenges of using ChatGPT for medical affairs is the potential for inaccurate information. Since AI models like ChatGPT are trained on vast amounts of public data, they may lack understanding in the healthcare space, leading to erroneous responses.


  1. Scientific Background: ChatGPT may not possess the necessary understanding of the complex scientific concepts and specific questions commonly encountered in medical affairs. This limitation hampers its ability to provide accurate and relevant information.


  1. Compliance and Security: Publicly trained AI models can pose compliance and security risks when handling sensitive internal information. Sharing confidential data on a public instance may lead to unintended breaches and compromises.


  1. User Experience and Accessibility: To ensure seamless workflow integration for end-users, such as Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) or Field Medical personnel, it is crucial to optimize the functionality and accessibility of ChatGPT within existing systems and platforms.


TikaMobile's Efforts for Leveraging ChatGPT in Medical Affairs


  1. Specialized Training and Expert Knowledge: TikaMobile addresses the knowledge gap by training the AI model using data focused specifically on therapeutic areas of interest. Incorporating expert knowledge ensures that the model gains a deeper understanding of the science and can deliver more accurate responses.


  1. Data Standardization and Quality Control: To enhance the reliability of ChatGPT, TikaMobile employs data standardization and quality control measures. By adhering to established data standards like CDISC and ensuring data completeness, accuracy, and consistency, the model produces more reliable insights.


  1. Comparative Analysis Techniques: TikaMobile trains ChatGPT to perform comparative analysis between therapeutic interventions or treatment options. Techniques like network meta-analysis enable the model to compare clinical trial outcomes, efficacy, safety profiles, and other relevant factors, empowering medical affairs teams with specific and tailored information.


  1. Standardizing Compliance: To mitigate compliance and security risks associated with public instances, TikaMobile creates private instances of ChatGPT within its own universe. This approach ensures that confidential information remains secure and compliant with industry regulations.




The integration of ChatGPT into medical affairs holds immense potential for improving efficiency and decision-making. While challenges like hallucination, scientific background, compliance, and user experience exist, TikaMobile is actively addressing them. Through specialized training, data standardization, comparative analysis techniques, and standardized compliance practices, TikaMobile is advancing the capabilities of ChatGPT for medical affairs applications. Stay tuned for future updates on TikaMobile's ChatGPT capabilities, live in the TikaMSL platform, and join us as we unlock new possibilities in medical affairs.


Mia K. Shibly