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Day in the life of a VP of sales - Sales Management and Coaching Tool For Life Science Commercial Teams

TikaManagement is purpose built for Regional and National Sales Managers as well as VP of Sales. TikaManagement gives Sales Managers the ability to analyze the performance of their Sales Reps on the go. It makes managing teams in real-time effortless by encouraging collaboration, promoting best practices, sharing vital information, and driving accountability with advanced analytics in a powerful and interactive tool.

Sales Managers have instant visibility into the following KPIs in real-time -

  • Call plan attainment
  • Reach
  • Average calls
  • Product volume and market share
  • Relative performance against competitors
  • Individual goals to and growth targets
  • Territory-level drill down
  • Delivery risk assessment

Regional Sales Managers can break out performance in various territories, allowing them to clearly see deficiencies, find root causes to issues, and understand where coaching opportunities may exist.


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