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TikaCapital - Medical Capital Equipment Sales Enablement Platform

Designed specifically for Medical Capital Equipment Sales Teams, TikaCapital puts an end to operating in the dark, accelerates their pipeline forecasts, and helps close more deals. The platform deploys real-time customer analytics in an easy-to-use, mobile-optimized solution that sifts through massive amounts of data and presents the latest actionable information on a Sales Rep’s iPhone or iPad. The latest information about capital equipment deals, service contracts, and disposable sales opportunities minimizes time spent sorting through multiple office apps and spreadsheets for information.

TikaCapital empowers sales teams to customize their sales strategies and create weekly plans that ensure a focused pursuit of their best sales opportunities. The platform provides most up-to-date territory information derived from multiple sources. This helps the capital teams to determine which opportunities to pursue on high priority and efficiently target the right customers while comparing accounts in the field. The platform also helps the capital team with market insight on specific position, target hospitals, and purchasing information.

The platform gives managers the intelligence they need right at their fingertips to forecast, coach their reps, course-correct, enhance their launch strategies and drive more sales. In addition, TikaCapital breaks down silos, enabling real-time collaboration across all teams that contribute to the sales effort.


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