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TikaMobile | A Day in Life of Medical Device Sales Rep

Experience a day in the life of a medical device sales rep on TikaPlatform.

This video walks through the functionality of the app. The Sales Rep can check their performance against goals. They can also see which orders were shipped and the status of backorders. They can select and view individual accounts, and get a comprehensive view of KPIs of that account. Sales Reps can jump to ‘Map and Opportunity manager’ where they can filter accounts based on tier, revenue, number of beds, risk indicator, and customer group. In the map view, accounts are color-coded based on the YTD sales. This helps the Sales Rep to plan and focus on accounts that require their attention. Price of any product can be found in real-time, and there is no need to wait for a day or two to find out the current price.

Managers have the 360-degree view of how their reps are doing at any given time. Rep’s performance can be analyzed based on location, products, YTD sales, accounts and many other variables. This enhanced visibility for the managers comes in handy when conducting a weekly/monthly review and pinpoint any performance gaps.


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