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Medical Device

Major Medical Device Manufacturer Improves Sales Productivity on a Global Scale


Medical Devices


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Customer challenge

A global manufacturer of advanced Surgical Specialty Products and Services was faced with challenges unique to medical device companies. Between healthcare reform, complex sales and contracting models, new promotional channels, fierce competition, and the demand to reduce costs, the company’s 900+ sales reps had incredible pressure to digest an enormous amount of information to meet their quotas.

Using a traditional CRM to manage information did not make the process any easier and user adoption was low. The system was used primarily as a data entry tool and for each individual customer, the sales reps had to understand their current product inventory, the customer’s buying habits, contract status, the competition, as well as where best to engage with the physician. To manage this, sales resorted to massive and dense spreadsheets of information where there was often a significant data lag.

Information was copious, difficult to understand and by no means actionable. It required the reps to use their laptops on the road to try and stay on top of their territory information. The medical device manufacturer understood that in order to stay competitive, a new solution was required to help the sales team become highly productive performers.


Management evaluated a number of vendors and concluded TikaDevice™ had the most flexible and expedient ability to meet the company’s specific medical device needs. In a division pilot, TikaDevice proved in less than 8 weeks that it could rapidly integrate the various and dynamic data sets including those from SAP and CRM, deliver them in a mobile and easy-to-consume format, and most importantly – recommend how reps could best hone in on high-value customers.

At a glance, field reps were able to:

    • Build their territory action plans based on customer gap analysis and predictive scoring
    • Better identify new prospects and opportunities using intuitive geo-mapping capabilities
    • Build a call list by querying on key metrics including total volume, market share, account type, and more.
    • Improve their understanding of their performance against goals set for each product group

Management was able to:

    • Improve plan adherence by sending automated performance and opportunity alerts to field reps on their mobile devices
    • Onboard and coach reps with greater efficiency
    • Improve alignment with marketing to maximize promotional spend


    • Sales went up %14 the first year
    • 2 week ramp-up time for new reps
    • 80% utilization

After seeing quantifiable ROI with increasing productivity and sales, TikaDevice was rolled out to several other U.S. divisions and in Canada, China and Japan.