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NAM team struggled to answer questions from field, disparate data slowed daily workflow


A cloud based mobile SaaS application powered by a leading BI platform


Saved valuable time, up to 60% of NAM calls and requests resulting in amplified ROI. This also increased visibility allowing for better strategic contracting decisions and pull-through with the field sales teams


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A global medical device and equipment manufacturing company’s National Accounts Management team was confronted by a multitude of daily challenges that slowed timelines and hindered company success. The NA managers constantly connect with reps, sales managers and GMs across the company. While overseeing and handling hundreds of spreadsheets, managing calls, contracts, and pricing, the NAM team often spent an excessive amount of time effectively organizing data and getting answers for the field. With their current BI software, it could not handle access to all the important time critical data which can take weeks to receive from home office with associated human error risks. With an NAM team that brings in a few billion dollars of overall company revenue, it is vital to complete these daily tasks in an efficient manner for clients both at IDN level and for internal stakeholders.

Customer challenge

Our client’s National Account Managers have various responsibilities and account for an enormous portion of company revenues, so efficient work is essential to their success. Using their traditional BI software to manage information did not make the daily tasks any easier, and even slowed operations. There was information–unautomated, many calls, numerous spreadsheets, complex contracts, and vital pricing information–everywhere, and such data could take weeks to obtain from data centers. This information was copious, difficult to understand, and by no means actionable. Essential sales information was not easily accessible; customer inventory and contracts data was typically only available through convoluted and time consuming internal processes. Overall, team collaboration was difficult to organize. The company needed National Account Managers to organize, not struggle with data. There had to be a better way.

The TikaMobile Med Device National Accounts Application Solution

TikaMobile worked with the NAM team to create a dedicated new National Accounts application for the company. The app organized access to individual GPO’s and IDN’s performance by hospitals, Units, Revenue, Compliance, etc. With greater visibility and insights to make superior decisions, NAMs were more well-informed for and during conversations/meetings with sales management/leadership, customers, and field reps. This success is also due to real-time analysis of all disparate information without waiting days to receive, and automated presentations with real-time sales data.

    • Analyze the performance of an IDN or GPO
    • Discover which hospitals are contributing to the performance
    • Generate proposals within minutes
    • Examine performance of each product group
    • Deep dive of territories using a map-based view
    • Check on contracts and pricing information
    • Track a pipeline
This is a great product.
National Accounts Executive
I can see this preventing contracts slipping through without my knowledge or blessing.
National Accounts Executive
This gives me pretty much everything I would ever need on my IPad.
National Accounts Executive
It takes us so much time waiting to get what we need and this gives us almost everything.
National Accounts Executive
The ability to collaborate on contracting decisions real-time with peers and my manager is phenomenal
National Accounts Executive


It gave NAMs real-time information and resources needed to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, and reduced up to 60% in calls/requests to the strategic internal contracting and pricing teams.For the NAM team:

    • Up to 3 hours per day x 5 days x 48 weeks x 9 NAMS= 6480 NAM hours
    • 810 Work Days regained annually. (8 hr. day)
    • 50-60% reduction in daily NAM Requests to pricing team
    • Greater visibility to make better contracting decisions and Pull through with Field
    • Strategic pricing obtains high net positive time/productivity gains
    • 50-60% reduction in NAM daily requests = $$$
    • Time savings can be utilized doing level 5 analytics on strategic contract pricing analysis and analytics.