TikaMobile believes data security is a top priority for our customers and the company. All customer data is protected by industry network, product, application, and user level security practices. Services and the operations of those Services will remain available as stated in service-level agreements, and will remain secure from unauthorized access at all times.

TikaMobile applications leverage the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform enterprise level application and data security processes. Customer data is protected with a multi-level security model including device and application level pass code protection and data encryption using AES 256 bit encryption for data in transit or at rest.   In addition the data and application server environments are protected via user authentication procedures.

Third Party compliance audits are conducted on a regular basis in order to ensure proper operation within data centers, networks, hardware’s and firewalls. TikaMobile publishes a Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) Type I report under the Security and Availability Trust Service Principles (TSPs).


TikaMobile CRM is hosted on AWS EC2 platform. All AWS system availability guarantees apply with respect to the cloud based service. AWS is Privacy Shield certified and complies with all industry and local governing rules and regulations. Data is backed up and retained to ensure rollover if absolutely necessary. Full backups will occur weekly with retention for 2 weeks and incremental backups will occur on a daily basis with retention for 2 weeks.