Customer Data

All Customers and potential Customers of TikaMobile may provide Customer Data or information, electronically or otherwise, for processing in the provided Services. All Customer Data or information that is processed will not be accessed, assessed, evaluated, distributed or used outside of purposes provided in the TikaMobile Master Addendum. Customer Data will only be accessed for the purposes of providing the Services requested.

Additional information regarding TikaMobile’s policies regarding Customer Data can be found under GDPR and CCPA sections.

Data Retention:

Customer Data and information will be retained for as long as the contracted Services are provided to the Customer. TikaMobile will retain your information (including Customer Data we collect on behalf of our Customers for the Services requested) for as long as your or that Customer’s account is active or as needed to provide you Services. Full backups will occur weekly with retention for 2 weeks and incremental backups will occur on a daily basis with retention for 2 weeks.