Data Change Management Initiatives for Diverse Healthcare Networks

Across the life sciences industry, there is a call to break down the silos associated with frequent acquisitions and divestments. Companies are growing faster than they can consolidate their technologies and information, requiring more cohesive digital strategies. With the rise of digital and the number of customer accounts that need to be managed, data change management procedures are necessary to ensure stronger, more organized digital collaboration.

Emphasis should be placed on the importance of maintaining a diverse healthcare network, especially in the face of frequent organizational restructure. Digital tools that have all information in one place will mitigate confusion and will be easy to distribute throughout the company. Overall, enabling data change management for your life science organization will provide lasting value and cross-functional efficiencies

Reducing Redundant Information

While life sciences organizations have data change management processes in place, many still follow antiquated models that are more inefficient than organizational leadership might believe. These models typically rely on spreadsheets for managing and updating important customer information. Commercial and medical affairs teams in pharmaceutical and medical device companies need to maintain strong relationships with KOLs, physicians, and government bodies and cannot do this without cohesive customer information. 

There is a need to shift away from managing customers in offline spreadsheets and have them all in one centralized location for a more structured and consistent approach. Embracing the shift to digital, collaborative tools will reduce the redundancies associated with customer data that does not have single location for viewing and managing. This is important for maintaining more accurate customer records that, in turn, will result in more quality interactions with physicians and key stakeholders. Overall, reducing redundancies will promote diversity within the organization's healthcare network.

Clean Customer Data, Means Compliance

Once senior management embraces digital, they will understand that streamlining change control processes will promote compliance throughout their organization. Customer data that is clean and has an audit trail of updates and reviews will promote efficient and effective compliance in data change management procedures. 

Digitizing change management processes also helps validate new customers being on-boarded against validated physician ID databases that determine the legitimacy of physicians. Ultimately, this will help commercial and medical affairs team members remain compliant during engagements because they will be positive they communicated with the correct customer.

Behavioral Change for Change Management

Data change management cannot happen overnight. As many life sciences organizations are still using outdated methods of managing important customer-related information, digital tools will need to be methodically introduced and implemented across the organizations. Data change management is a continuous behavior change process that will need to permeate throughout the entire commercial and medical affairs organization within your life sciences company.

Data Change Management with TikaMobile

User-friendly digital tools that help make this change easier for your organization will provide lasting value in the long-run once they become a part of your daily business activities. TikaMobile’s Data Change Management (DCM) module helps reps manage accounts, physicians, health systems and affiliations, to quickly update, edit, and approve records with a configurable workflow.

This module allows an organization to manage its customer information under a regulated workflow with designated approval and review processes to dictate what customer information can be updated and accepted as the master record. The information is regulated and considered valid based on these checks and balances. One leading pharmaceutical company saw improved response times for their 3,500 sales reps when updating and managing physician and key stakeholder profiles using TikaPharma