Keep Clinical Asset Management Tools in Your Back Pocket, Literally

Keep Clinical Asset Management Tools in Your Back Pocket, Literally

Although technology is disrupting the life sciences industry, it presents many opportunities to pharmaceutical and medical device companies who are willing to step outside of their comfort zones. Especially with the increase in remote work and collaboration, a life science organization that can embody a strong digital strategy, can boost efficiencies and performance across all functional areas, especially for commercial and medical affairs teams.

Digital tools, specifically clinical asset management tools, can help medical affairs and commercial teams be more strategic in the conversations they are having when targeting specific KOLs and customers. More importantly, understanding their network of customers and their interactions with clinical and approved assets will help measure impact in the marketplace

Abandoning Legacy Thinking

Traditionally, life sciences organizations have many regulations in place that affect internal and external processes. While these regulations are an integral part of how an organization operates, there is a call to be more innovative while still remaining compliant during the digital revolution.

Unfortunately, many life sciences companies are still using legacy systems that hinder their ability to increase productivity and measure activity in the most effective way possible. When it comes to managing clinical assets, it is important that they are digitally stored and easily accessible to the teams that need them. Abandoning legacy thinking and employing digital tools that make customer interactions more valuable, will take pharmaceutical and medical device companies to the next level.

Tracking Asset Usage

For commercial and medical affairs teams, tracking customer interactions and measuring impact needs to be a part of their roles expectations. Learning more about the usage of specific clinical assets will help reps and MSLs better understand where to focus the conversation and engage on topics that recipients care about the most. Digital tools that measure the engagement and interactions with certain clinical assets, in addition to who is utilizing them, will help commercial and medical affairs teams shift their strategy or conversations to maximize impact. Providing these key stakeholders with the appropriate digital assets will help strengthen relationships and help management decide what additional collateral will benefit their audience in the future.

Driving Constant Value

At the end of the day, the customer and the patient are the most important partners for a life science organization. Driving constant value based on behaviors and preferences of physicians and KOLs will benefit not only those key stakeholders but also their patients. With the right digital tools, companies can assess which assets are most interacted with to help drive other strategic messaging that will provide the maximum amount of customer value.

When sharing informative digital assets, life sciences organizations can create strong feedback loops internally and externally to gauge where the most value can be provided to the customer and patient. Learning more about the usage of documents and having them accessible at your fingertips will help reps and MSLs know how to have more valuable interactions with KOLs and key stakeholders, and ultimately, improve outcomes for the patients.

Digital Tools for Maximum Impact

A digital CRM solution that houses your commercial and medical affairs teams’ approved and validated clinical assets will help your organization maximize impact and provide lasting value to key stakeholders. TikaMobile’s Clinical Asset Management Portal, compatible with all TikaMobile products, allows Medical Affairs, Marketing, Commercial, and other stakeholders to equip their teams with everything they need to be successful, including the most up-to-date clinical studies, industry reports, thought leadership material, and key messages.

The Clinical Asset Management Portal supports a wide variety of file formats, including video published to the app or streaming from online video sharing sites. TikaMobile’s superior user-experience and mobile-first design ensure that all users can easily view materials whether on their desktops or when on the road through iPads or mobile phones.