The Value of 360 Degree eMIRF Management

The Value of 360 Degree Medical Information Request Management

The method of managing Electronic Medical Information Request Forms (eMIRF) is typically highly prioritized and highly regulated within the life science industry. With concern for disseminating accurate information and answers, field teams and medical affairs teams need tight collaboration and consistent communication to ensure physician and patient safety when using their product. That entails accurate documentation of the request and accurate, timely responses by the appropriate parties.

More often than not, the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) or Medical Affairs team is receiving Medical Information Requests from sales representatives who are in the field visiting with a physician, rather than receiving the requests personally. Therefore, it is imperative for the field team and medical team to have an open communication channel when managing requests in the field.

Proper communication starts with accurately documenting the medical information request or question, right from the start.

Both the MSL and the field team must ensure accurate and appropriate answers when recording the medical information request, including a signature documenting and validating the interaction. Defining which values need to be captured will help sales reps enhance the likelihood of providing every detail to the Medical team. This also provides the medical team an opportunity to navigate and analyze consistent information trends and explore areas for improvement.

It is equally important to respond to the request in a timely manner as it is to provide a well-documented request.

Being able to quickly turn around the appropriate answer helps mitigate any product complaints, while limiting negative effects on the patient or physician. Customers will be better off by receiving the answer and will remember those that are quality and on time, a win-win.

TikaMobile offers TikaMSL.

With TikaMSL, commercial and medical teams can use the eMIRF manager to access a list of all requests submitted, their respective details, and track who captured the request and when the request has been filled between the two teams. Both teams can use the same form to capture all requests, defining who collected the information and ensuring consistency in the details requested and submitted.

Each physician who inquires and receives a response is tracked, building even more robust profiles for strategic planning. In addition, as medical teams continue to play in a heavily regulated industry, collecting a timestamped log ensures compliance and documentation for any audit that may be conducted.

Organizations that can provide customers with answers to the specific requests they made are built for success. Enabling technology to assist in this workflow can further improve your organization.

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