Staying Healthy While on Visits

When work gets busy, we tend to let a lot of things fall to the back burner. During visits and meetings, it is still important to prioritize your own health. In doing so, you are keeping yourself and others from getting sick. To avoid the flu, common cold and other pesky illnesses, consider basic tips that Tika recommends to keep you and your clients happy and healthy throughout your visits.

Wash your hands frequently

It sounds obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to wash your hands more often than you may usually do so. The CDC says that hand washing can prevent the spread of common colds by 20%. Times when it is important to wash your hands include before or after eating and before or after going to the bathroom. Also consider before and after you meet with prospects, since you will likely be shaking their hands. However, it is not impolite to tell someone you don’t wish to shake hands, especially when it is the heat of flu season.

Carry supplies

This can include hand sanitizer, whether in your car or in your briefcase. Another tool for disinfecting and preventing illness is wet wipes, which can be bought in handy travel-sized packets, often in the travel section of your drugstore.

Clean your phone and tablet

We know that your phone and iPad are your saving grace at work, but when was the last time you really wiped that thing down? A soft cloth will get rid of fingerprints, but you can use wet wipes on your screen, as long as you wipe it dry and avoid holes such as the microphone, speaker or charging port.

Just stay home

If you aren’t up to it, there is no harm in cancelling a meeting. Remember that it is important to keep yourself healthy, as well as your potential clients. They will understand. Also, consider the fact that with our advancing technology, there are solutions to manage remote work and meetings, such as phone conferences, skype, zoom, or google hangouts. 

In the medical industry, it is important we all stay healthy, and at TikaMobile we care about your well being. Stay happy and healthy so you can continue your success in your visits