Our World is Going Mobile, and CRM is Adapting with it

In the past decade, there has been a mass shift from the use of desktops to mobile devices as the primary source of information.

Because of this, many people expect real time information at their fingertips at anytime and anywhere. In 2019 there are over 5.1 billion unique mobile internet users, up 2% from the previous year. On top of that, 50% of the time individuals spend on digital media is on mobile apps. With this increase in usage of mobile devices, it is imperative that life sciences companies match this immense growth and utilize mobile. 

Why is a mobile platform important to a company’s success?

As life sciences companies witness this change in source of information, they must adopt mobile platforms to stay on the cutting edge. The days of utilizing spreadsheets on desktops and handwriting notes during meetings with doctors are dissipating. There are countless reasons as to why smartphones and tablet sales have surpassed desktop sales. The immense speed of mobile applications, the availability of advanced analytics at one’s fingertips and increased flexibility enables teams to boost their overall efficiency.  Researchers at iPass have found that companies with employees using mobile devices for work-related purposes possess the potential to acquire an extra 240 hours of work annually from employees.

What is a mobile first design and how can it benefit a user?

A mobile first design is when a platform is created for the smallest screen first, such as a smartphone or tablet. As users spend, on average, 69% of their media time on smartphones, it is imperative that applications and platforms are designed for the smallest devices first.  This leads numerous advancements in platforms, in turn establishing increased efficiency and overall team success. Because the platform is designed for the smallest screen possible, it emphasizes the most crucial components needed for success and does not include any unnecessary data or information. A mobile first design also leads to faster loading times and decreases frustration with the tool. In fact, a UK newspaper, the Telegraph reported that a study found that slow loading speeds on applications causes slightly more stress than a thriller movie, with heart rate jumping 38% when delayed loadings occur.  All of this leads directly to the improved user experience component of a mobile first design. These platforms tend to be more user friendly, as they possess the needed information, process it at quick speeds and provide the employee with more flexibility. 

What benefits does mobility provide an entire organization with?

Mobility is everything for a company. Overall team productivity significantly increases, ultimately driving increased revenues. Here are some of the benefits of mobility for an organization:

  • Increased sales with a shortened sales cycle
  • All of your files are in one application, facilitating ease while sorting through data and information
  • Production and planning are immensely faster with up to date information at one’s fingertips
  • Improved information insights with advanced analyses of vast data 
  • Heightened collaboration as the mobile application allows access to every team, anywhere, leading to more transparency across the organization
  • An organization’s strategy plan is easily constructed and visible to all different teams 
  • Ability to access and update leads and communicate with team about these lead
How can a mobile platform improve the customer’s experience?

In the life sciences industry, the patient-centric mentality is vital to overall success. With increased business intelligence and more productive meetings between sales teams and doctors, patients are being provided the best health care possible, at all times. Most importantly, mobility allows sales reps, as well as other teams within an organization, to ensure they are adding value to the system. 

These are just some of the advantages and capabilities an organization can possess with a mobile platform. TikaMobile’s platforms possess more capabilities than listed above. To find out more about our platforms and their capabilities, please contact info@tikamobile.com.