5 Ways to Improve your Sales Calls in the Life Sciences Industry

Many life sciences sales reps can avoid cold calling because they have a targeted list of accounts that know their company and what they sell. But some life sciences sales reps find cold calling vital for developing new relationships and expanding their network. Whether the company is new, they launched a new product into a new market, or they’re forging a path into new geographical territory, cold calling is a vital part for new sales.

Cold calling can be intimidating, and sometimes talking on the phone just generally feels awkward. Establishing or polishing up a solid base strategy will make the conversation more casual, making you and your prospect more comfortable. 

Keep these 5 tips in the back of your mind during every call:

    1. Smile!
      Believe it or not, you can hear a smile. Smiling while speaking on the phone makes you sound more engaged. The person on the other end can hear a difference in your tone if you are moping on the call. In order to show your interest in the conversation, take a deep breathe, and smile as you speak
    2. Have a script.
      Your cold calls don’t have to be ice cold...have a plan! Before each call, review your goals. Who are you calling? Why are you calling them? What is the desired outcome of the call? You should keep notes in front of you during your call.
    3. A genuine greeting.
      Start with a warm, meaningful “hello” and build out the conversation from there. As you get to know your prospect better, ask about things you have learned. Ask about their medical practice, or their kids or spouse, or how their vacation was. This makes the conversation more personable, making both of you feel more comfortable.
    4. Be clear on your offer.
      As you get into your ask, be extremely clear what you are offering, as well as the benefits. Additionally, be prepared to answer any questions they may have.
    5. Follow up.
      After the call, compose an email to thank the prospect for their time, and reiterate any discussion you may have had about prices, deals, or a follow-up meeting you will be having in the future. Don’t forget to say thank you

Remember: each call is a unique opportunity. Treat it as such and focus on following the tips above for optimal success.

Good luck!

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