Converting Data Into Actionable Information With an Intelligent CRM

In the life sciences industry, “too much data and not enough information” is an ever-present issue.

While many people within life sciences understand this as a challenge hindering success, many companies have not yet taken the necessary steps to implement change, starting with adopting a solution that addresses this problem. As our ability to collect more data increases, the complexities to create actionable intelligence will only become more challenging and critical.

Advanced analytical tasks involved in a data lake, such as reporting, visualization and machine learning are compiled into data that can be semi-structured, structured or binary. Data can be considered raw numbers, measurements, statistics or input collected and recorded but not yet interpreted. In our technology-centric world, data is readily accessible for companies to data mine.  All of that data, however, is meaningless and difficult to cohesively apply unless integrated technology can streamline and distribute these findings quickly.

Analytical tools, as well as a strong understanding of the overarching corporate strategy, are necessary to turn data into information that can be used to take action with confidence.

Before data is processed, organized, and structured, companies cannot use it to strategically grow and change their operations and analytical maturity level. Once data is evaluated, and sophisticated algorithms have been applied, it then becomes dynamic actionable intelligence that can help organizations better understand the driving forces behind their successes as well as shortcomings.

A CRM platform is a useful tool for companies to collect their data from employees and other sources in an automated and efficient way. However, a legacy CRM system merely collects field data and does not consider, nor turn it into actionable information. A sales rep may spend hours sorting through and deciphering  data in their CRM applications when they could be receiving and discovering insights from the information in seconds if they had access to a CRM system with business intelligence capabilities.  An intelligent CRM platform is able to cohesively compute the collected data and information throughout the commercial organization in order to evoke more informed strategic decision making.

Gartner’s Peter Sondergaard noted that “Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” The right business intelligence can reduce hours of meeting preparation to just a few minutes. Inefficient systems make more work for you and your team, sifting through data and organizing found information into worksheets, as well as other disparate, inefficient tools. An efficient system should automatically convert the data into actionable intelligence, aiding users in making real-time, strategic decisions.

Companies need to invest in newer all-inclusive CRM solutions that possesses the capability of processing big data and producing real-time opportunities and insights to give all field teams numerous competitive advantages.

As CRM systems become more integrated, they will ultimately speed up processes and make for more high performing teams. Traditional CRMs are not designed for the complex and evolving needs of today’s life science organizations. Overall, an application able to combine everything the end-user needs into a single solution will ultimately increase productivity and overall corporate success. TikaMobile Inc., a New York-based life sciences technology vendor, combines advanced analytics, business intelligence and CRM to make all commercial and medical sales teams smarter, more strategic, and better-equipped to provide value-added solutions to existing and prospective customers. An intelligent CRM should cohesively brings disparate tools into a single platform with an optimal user experience. A two-way transfer of intelligence integrated within the CRM system provides the framework to guide strategic decisions across the entire organization. A platform that encompasses these tools and provides their users with them at top speed will help life sciences companies become or remain leaders within the industry.

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