Innovation and Success; A Conversation with our CEO

In an introductory meeting at TikaMobile’s New Jersey office, Manish Sharma, our founder and CEO spoke to our summer interns about the keys to success in a rapidly changing, technology-focused world.

An Indian Institute of Technology and Leonard N. Stern School of Business graduate, Sharma credits his success to thinking ahead. According to Sharma, innovation and the development of new technology should be considered on a “five year plan.” Trends run about five years at a time; if you generate a business idea that you believe would be successful in the markets now, there is potential that by the time you develop software and prepare a product for commercialization, technology will have surpassed the need for your business. “Based on trends now, look ahead and think five years from now. Create that, run with it, and by the time you’re prepared, the world will be ready for your product.”

Sharma also highlighted the importance of working hard and striving toward a goal. “Dress for the job you want, and carry yourself like it, too,” Sharma tells Tika’s new interns. As a young intern himself, Sharma worked as hard and as efficiently as possible, continuing to ask for more work to prove himself as a valuable contributor early on. He loved to help divide assignments, and found joy in giving himself the most challenging workload. 

“Challenging yourself to expand your knowledge will contribute to your overall success,” our CEO tells the room. One way Sharma likes to engage himself is by asking questions, attending conferences, and by reading business and leadership nonfiction. He referenced The Third Wave by Steve Case, which delves into the next generation of technology. Sharma highly values the works of Malcolm Gladwell, especially his New York Times bestseller, Outliers, in which Gladwell investigates the attributes that are responsible for the highest possible degrees of success in any field.

The meeting closes after Sharma discusses his goals and anticipated trajectory for Tika in the next few years. To stay ahead of the rapidly advancing state of technology, Tika hopes to revolutionize CRM software with incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and data lakes in the next few years.  Designed specifically for the life sciences industry, Tika’s innovative solutions integrate business analytic software with a CRM platform, empowering sales organizations of all sizes to perform their best and gain an edge on their competition. 

Manish sends his employees home with this: “To be successful is not a goal or a lifestyle; it’s an attitude. Incorporate this attitude into your everyday life and you will see a change.”

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