Moving beyond traditional CRM in Medical Devices Sales

Innovations and changes in Medical Devices industry are rapid. Mobile technology is revolutionizing medical devices industry today. In the medical device industry sales reps are not mandated to record every conversation with physicians, hospitals, doctors unlike a pharmaceutical company which makes keeping a track of records, data and conversations difficult. But a customer relationship management (CRM) software can have a massive impact on operational efficiencies of sales reps and it gets better; a CRM can help you track every conversation a sales rep would ever have with physicians. Research shows that about 5.9% of the total health expenditures are spent on medical devices. Spending on medical devices has increased by 6% since 1990s. The opportunity for CRM systems to manage and consolidate data for medical devices industry is now more than ever.

3 ways a CRM platform can improve your medical device sales:


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Why does a medical device sales rep really need the CRM? Well, this list could be endless but businesses globally are now trying to close the gap between the customer and the quota. A tool with capabilities beyond CRM functionalities can not only help sales reps to engage with the customer but also create transparency in terms of communicating information with the management. An omnichannel and all access approach for customers and their reps will help build performancestandards that can leverage the business's growth. 57% of customers are willing to switch to new businesses or brands just to get a better customer service. Now that's a number worth taking a look at when it comes to engagement and fulfilling customer expectations. Adding value and a personal touch to every customer interaction is a driving force to the businesse's revenue growth. In an industry like that of Medical Devices delivering sustainable solutions and driving growth is a must to be ahead of the game.

Leveraging data

Unlike pharma companies data challenges are particularly unusual in medical devices companies. CRM systems that support data analytics is the exact technology that medical device industry needs at this point. Relationships between sales reps and physicians is strategic and unique in this industry. One which requires constant which requires constant decision making. Organizations have started to understand the importance of data analytics for sales reps to enhance their knowledge base when it comes to communicating with the physicians or hospital administrators. Having key information about market places and customers in a single tool can help medical device reps identify priorities and opportunities.

Improve medical device product sales

medical-device-blog-300x199Saving hours of email and phone conversations to collate all the meetings data can cause a significant waste of time for the reps. CRM technology can help you automate workflow and business processes in turn eliminating the time spent physically by the reps. Medical device sales can see a significant improvement with the use of capabilities that go beyond the typical use of CRM systems. Technological advancements in mobile is changing the way reps and physicians interact in this digital age. A mobile CRM has the ability to perform tasks completely paper-free and online. A neat way of having access is A survey conducted by What Physicians Want stated that 80% of physicians are embracing mobile technology for professional use. With mobile technology getting hands on in this industry sales reps are required to have more knowledge about what they are selling and who they are selling to.

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