Why Trunk Stock is a Hit Feature With our Medical Device Customers

The Trunk Stock module for Medical Device companies

When we developed TikaDevice, we considered all of the concerns of Medical Device sales leadership and prioritized features that would help improve revenues and ROI. When we put the question to our customers, they added that managing inventory in the field, aka trunk stock, is an especially challenging and costly aspect of medical device sales. While it is generally considered part of supply chain logistics, the field reps can play a critical role in inventory management.

TikaDevice's Trunk Stock alert let’s a rep know if a customer’s inventory is high or low so they can proactively manage consignment. Considering the high cost of some of these innovative medtech devices, the savings are substantial when inventory can be tracked end-to-end and no device falls through the proverbial cracks. In today’s world of big and dynamic data, even small companies cannot continue to rely on spreadsheets alone.

Not to mention, if a physician runs low on your device it’s an excellent opening for the competition. That sort of blind spot can quickly erode at market share and the bottom line.

On the back end of our application we’re able to integrate a variety of enterprise data assets including those found in basic and advanced inventory management systems including ERP. For smaller companies we can download regularly updated information in spreadsheets. This information is integrated and correlated with a variety of customer data points via sophisticated analytics keeping field reps in the know with guidance on what to do – where they live – in their cars!