TikaMobile Enhances TikaDevice with CRM Capabilities to Offer SMB Medical Device Companies an End-to-End Mobile Sales Enablement Solution

Solution designed to maximize the success of sales reps in the field

New York, N.Y. – August 27, 2015 –TikaMobile, Inc., a cloud-based mobile and analytics software provider for the life sciences industry, today announced that TikaDevice™, a mobile sales enablement solution for the medical device industry, is now available with CRM capabilities. Recognizing that the medical device industry has long sought an application that mirrors their distinct and complex sales-cycle, TikaMobile configured the application with best practices to ensure rapid results in the field. TikaDevice is easily customized to meet specific business needs and deploys in a matter of weeks.

“We understand that a variety of market forces are making it harder on small to mid-sized medical device companies including stiff competition from the large med-techs,” commented Manish Sharma, CEO, TikaMobile. “These young companies have a brief window of time to reach multiple decision makers, and rolling out a traditional CRM solution is costly and time consuming. Essentially, TikaDevice integrates CRM, ERP, and physician targeting into one mobile application with insights and recommendations based on the end user’s specific needs.”

TikaDevice is designed by life science domain experts with features and analytics that inform and guide sales leadership and reps on:

  • Physician targeting
  • Call planning
  • Opportunity management
  • Logging customer touch points
  • Account and physician affiliations including decile ranking
  • Trunk stock
  • Key metrics at physician and account level
  • Automated revenue forecasting at the individual customer level
  • Case evaluations (Assessment Survey)

Data assets that impact medical device revenues and market share are everywhere across an organization – regardless of size. The TikaMobile Data Integration and Analytics Platform transforms those data assets into ongoing actionable insights via intuitive recommendations on the TikaDevice application. This maximizes the ROI on each and every field sales rep. Along with fundamental CRM features that reps find valuable and easy to use, TikaDevice has intuitive prescriptive analytics unique to the needs of the medical device industry.

About TikaMobile
TikaMobile Inc. is leading innovations in cloud-based mobile and analytics SaaS solutions for the life sciences industry. Dedicated to customer success, TikaMobile’s real time recommendation analytics go beyond CRM to give commercial teams and field sales ongoing actionable intelligence. TikaMobile apps drive productivity and the competitive advantage to increase revenues and deliver rapid ROI. Our powerful, yet agile applications for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device organizations are easy-to-use, easy to deploy, and can accommodate companies of all sizes. For more information please visit www.tikamobile.com