Trice Medical to Use TikaDevice™ For Launch of Innovative Orthopedics Product

Mobile sales force effectiveness solution delivers specific, timely, and actionable customer intelligence in the field

New York, N.Y. – July 29, 2015 – TikaMobile, Inc., a cloud-based mobile and analytics software provider for the life sciences industry, today announced that Trice Medical, a privately-held company focused on diagnostic micro invasive technologies, will deploy TikaDevice to give their reps a distinct competitive advantage in the field. Medical device companies can no longer depend on time consuming physician relationship-building strategies. With the steady decline of physician influence, marketing and sales teams need to ensure they have the right information at the right time – at the practitioner and account level.

“Our novel product, mi-eye, is designed to provide a more immediate, definitive and less expensive diagnosis for orthopedic surgeons, eliminating the false reads of indirect modalities, such as MRIs,” commented Craig Cara, chief financial officer, Trice Medical. “With the majority of our resources focused on the mi-eye launch, we’re delighted that TikaDevice is designed specifically for Medical Device sales. First, this saves us time and money in terms of customization and sales ramp-up time. Second, the solution is easily configurable to meet the specific needs of our management and sales teams. And finally, TikaDevice can easily scale as we grow.”

"We're very excited to be working with the Trice Medical team," said Manish Sharma, chief executive officer at TikaMobile. "Our vision is to be the leading provider of mobile and analytics solutions that deliver real-time instant access to the business intelligence life sciences companies need to be aligned and successful.”

Unlike traditional CRM, TikaDevice continuously integrates key enterprise-level data assets including, but not limited to ERP, CRM and third-party targeting data – into a single comprehensive mobile platform. This level of data transparency eliminates time-consuming preparation time for sales calls by enabling personalized recommendations and alerts on the latest available customer and product information.

View the solution video.

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