Top 5 Things TikaMobile Overheard at AdvaMed 2015

5. The future looks bright for MedTech Innovator winner MobileODT and three finalist companies MedAwareBriteseed and uBiome, and the patients they will help.

4. The $30 billion medical device tax is bad for the industry as it harms job creation, deters medical innovation and increases the cost of health care.

3. Mobile MedTech is at the forefront of patient-centered care thanks to digital technologies.

2. MedTech and Biotech Veterans Program (MVPvets) is a program to help veterans enter the medical technology industry through mentorship and re-careering events. Thirty veterans in attendance at the conference attended a daylong session to gain familiarity with career options throughout the industry.

And the number 1 thing we overheard at AdvaMed 2015 was:
MedTech companies are incredibly challenged reaching health care providers about the value of their products using traditional sales and marketing methods. They need a way to speak intelligently to multiple decision makers and funnel what they hear back to the home office in the most expedient manner possible.

AdvaMed 2015 was TikaMobile’s first experience with the conference. Everything we overheard and discussed with major industry players confirmed that what we are doing at TikaMobile is exactly what the industry needs. We look forward to participating with AdvaMed in the future!